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Your first appointment includes discussing your full history, talking about your current condition, developing a treatment plan and your first treatment.



Follow Up Treatments

Following your treatment plan, we will perform your follow up treatments on a pre-determined schedule.


We accept most insurance plans.  Call to find out more.

*This is a discounted self-pay rate.  Please contact us if you have insurance.


We get so many questions about medicare covering acupuncture.  Medicare says it covers 12 visits per year for chronic low back pain.  What they don’t specify is that the treatment has to be performed by a licensed acupuncturist working under the supervision of a provider that can bill medicare, such as an MD (which is a rare scenario.)  We are not recognised by medicare as an entity that can submit claims to them.  The bill in congress is looking to change that.

Link to proposed bill:

An easy way for you to submit a letter to your state representative in support of the bill:



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